Bequia Villa Rental - Park Bay House

Park Bay House

Bequia, The Grenadines

Surrounded by Pristine Beaches and Woodlands

The immediate surroundings of Park Bay House provide endless opportunity for eco-adventure and relaxation. Miles of stunning coastline and hundreds of acres of untouched forest beg to be explored. Best of all, Park Bay House offers all this pristine natural beauty without being isolated: it's only a 10-minute drive into town on an easy, well-paved road. And after enjoying the many charms of Port Elizabeth and the rest of lovely Bequia, you can return to the serenity of your private house, where you will never be disturbed by a neighbor's barking dog, crowing rooster, or buzzing weed-whacker.

Of Turtles and Beaches

The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary lies at the other end of Park Bay Kids and adults alike delight in visiting the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary at the far end of Park Bay, where sea turtles are raised for safe release, and goats, sheep, and chickens wander happily. Orton "Brother" King has devoted himself to the protection of sea turtles since 1995, and visitors to the Sanctuary invariably leave with a new appreciation of these wonderful animals. (Not to mention that Brother King's henhouse is a great source of fresh eggs for your morning breakfast.)

A few minutes' walk down the coast takes you to palm-fringed Industry Bay, an idyllic stretch of sandy beach and calm water, with the atmospheric Crescent Beach Inn offering food and drink. A few minutes more takes you to Spring Bay, another lovely expanse of sand and palm trees. And amazingly enough, you'll often be the only people enjoying these splendid beaches.

Dramatic Sal Bay is just beyond your back yard Unspoiled Tropical Forest

Surrounding Park Bay House are hundreds of acres of unspoiled woodland, traversed by paths leading to deserted coves and dramatic headlands. In fact the entire northern section of Bequia is completely undeveloped, and it lies right out your back door.

There are miles of trails suitable for hiking and mountain biking, from easy to challenging. You can hike up the 400-foot saddle that rises behind Park Bay House and cross over to the dramatic L'Anse Chemin, a beautiful uninhabited bay on the island's west coast. Or you can walk the relatively easy paths that lead through groves of bay trees to the northern end of the island. All along the way are opportunities to explore deserted bays and marvel at the fantastic views.

Underwater Beauty

The vibrant reef stretches from the villa (at lower left) across Park and Industry bays Under the crystal-clear water that surrounds the villa, the coral reef offers more visual delights. Directly in front of Park Bay House you'll find a variety of coral, fish, and other marine life, and you can drift with the current all the way to Industry Bay for a spectacular snorkeling experience. In the other direction lies dramatic Sal Bay, where the reef wraps around the headland and reaches toward shore. Beyond lie more tantalizing bays and coves, well-kept secrets only occasionally visited by local divers.

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